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    An Overview

    This is an overview of the services offered by the municipality and tells you where and how you may find the information you need.

    Following you will find information about the municipality's cultural attractions, places to eat and drink, accommodation and time and dates for events.

    If you are moving to the Randaberg area or are considering moving here, we hope you will find the information you need on these web pages. If not, please feel free to email us at post@randaberg.kommune.no and we will help you get the information you need.

    Bilder fra Randaberg

    About Randaberg Municipality

    Randaberg Municipality is located in the north of Jæren, with Stavanger as its nearest neighbour. The municipality also borders Sola the southwest and has its name from the farm in Randaberg at Randaberg mountain.

    Randaberg kommune


    Randabergveien 370
    4070 Randaberg

    Facts about Randaberg

    • Inhabitants per 01/01/2023: 11 671.
    • Number of houses: 3 609 at 25/06/2018 (detached house and apartments)
    • Area: 24 km2 (the smallest mainland municipality in Norway).
    • Mayor: Jarle Bø (Sp - The Centre Party).
    • Deputy Mayor: Øystein Stjern (KrF - The Christian Democratic Party).
    • CEO: Anne Berit Berge Ims.

    13 000 Years of History
    The municipality is best known as an agricultural community. The climate is mild and some of the first settlers of Norway settled here. There have been found traces of human settlement dating back to 6000 BC in Svarthola (Black Cave), a significant tourist attraction. Randaberg's history dates back 13 000 years.

    Parsley Production
    Randaberg is still an active farming community and has more than 80 % of Norway's parsley production. In addition, Norway's first crop of new potatoes are delivered to the Royal Palace from Randaberg almost every year.

    Attractions such as fine sandy beaches, walking trails, Tungenes Lighthouse and other monuments, are well worth a visit. In addition, there is a wide variety of cultural and sporting activities in the municipality. The Golf Course is located at the northern tip of the municipality, about 5 km from the center of Randaberg village.

    Oil Activity
    During the last 30 years the oil industry made its way into the community. Today you will find one of the two major bases for oil activity in the southern part of the Norwegian shelf in the municipality. Several oil service companies are located at the Dusavik base.

    Daisy is the Municipal Flower for Randaberg
    In September 2008, Daisy (Bellis perennis) was selected as the municipal flower. A process to select a municipal flower started in April 2008. The Daisy was chosen from a total of 17 different suggested species. 


    Are you improving or extending your home, building a garage, patio/terrace or holiday home? Construction projects are divided into 3 categories depending on size and complexity.

    1. Projects not requiring either a formal building application or notification
    2. Projects requiring notification
    3. Projects requiring a formal building application

    If you are not sure which category your project belongs to, or which documentation to include in your application, please contact us for help at: 51 41 41 00.

    Expected response time for planning applications:

    • For reports and straightforward projects; 3 weeks
    • Application for handling one simple project; 12 weeks
    • For shared projects requiring agricultural handling: 4 months.
    • Application for exemption from plan; 4 months

    These response times are applicable on the assumption there are no recorded protests from neighbours.

    Children and Families

    Randaberg Municipality has 6 public and 4 private kindergartens.

    The main admission is coordinated and takes place in February. You may apply throughout the year and admissions are granted upon availability.

    Please contact Randaberg municipality's service office for further information about the kindergartens in Randaberg at: 51 41 41 00 or by email to: post@randaberg.kommune.no.

    For questions regarding financial assistance such as child support, family allowance, maternity leave, parental and child benefits, carers leave and benefits, benefits for single parents – please contact NAV http://www.nav.no/English - (The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service)

    Culture and Tourism

    Randaberg Municipality is very active culturally. We have been known for many years for our activities on the volleyball arena.

    There are plenty of recreational activities to choose from in Randaberg. We are known for excellent outdoor activities and a well established athletic environment.

    Sports and Outdoor Activities
    There are plenty of opportunities for sports and outdoor activities in Randaberg. Close to the municipality center we have fantastic places for bathing, fishing lakes an gyms.

    Cultural Attractions and Activities
    Randaberg has a broad and comprehensive cultural scene which is evident in the many attractions and activities.

    At the library in Randaberg village there is free internet access to tourists as well as residents.

    Tungenes Lighthouse
    The first lighthouse at Tungenes was lit in 1828. The purpose of the lighthouse was to mark the approach to Byfjorden and Stavanger. Tungenes Lighthouse was shut down in 1984 and replaced by a beacon out at Bragen, the reef north of Tungenes. Today the facilities at Tungenes are operated by Randaberg Municipality and Jærmuseet.

    Numerous visitors come to the lighthouse each year to enjoy the beautiful hiking area, to visit the popular cafeteria on the site, and to explore maritime cultural history. The old lighthouse is set up as a museum. The lighthouse residence is furnished as the lighthouse family lived in the 1930s. The outbuilding shed next to the lighthouse is used for changing exhibitions.

    Vistnestunet is a farm from 1875. The buildings and surrounding area are amongst the best preserved of its kind in Rogaland. The cultural and historical value of Vistnestunet is comprehensive as the farm gives a good insight into old building techniques, farming history as well as cultural history.

    Today Vistnestunet is run as a farm which tourists are able to visit. By visiting us you can experience the way of living, learn about the culture and life of the people who used to live here. We have animals common on farms at the end of the 1800's.

    We arrange different events throughout the year, and you may even book your own guided tour, bring your kids/co-workers/family for different occasions or just go for a walk in the beautiful area. How about celebrating your child's birthday in a slightly different way? Local schools have educational programs with our teacher from Jærmuseet on set weeks of the year.

    All of our events take place outdoors, indoors and in the area surrounding the farm. This gives you a great opportunity to have an experience you'll never forget!

    Vistnestunet is run by Jærmuseet and Randaberg Municipality.

    All booking must be done in advance. Visit our website to know when our next event is due!

    Visit the homepage of Jærmuseet www.jaermuseet.no for more information about the museum at Tungenes and Vistnestunet. 

    Health and Care Services

    Health Services
    The municipality and the county administration offer various health services such as public health centres, medical centres, school health services, dental services and physiotherapy.

    Care services
    The municipality can offer care in nursing homes and the care for mentally challenged children and young people. The municipality also provides personal assistants and day-care centres.

    Living arrangements
    Randaberg Municipality offers various living arrangements like nursing homes, council housing and care residence homes.

    Care services
    The municipality care services offer home care, home nursing care and meals-on-wheels. The municipality can work out an individual plan if needed.

    For further information about these services please contact Randaberg municipality's service office on tel no: 51414100 or by email at: post@randaberg.kommune.no.


    Randaberg folkebibliotek


    Randabergveien 378
    4070 Randaberg

    It is possible to free internet / wireless networks who will allow tourists and other to read news online and check email.

    Reading Todays Newspaper
    You can read todays newspapers every day during opening hours.

    Opening Hours

    Visiting address: Randabergveien 378 
    Postal address: Postbox 40, 4096 Randaberg
    Telephone: 51 41 11 80
    Email: post@randaberg.bibliotek.no.


    Basic compulsory schooling in Randaberg consists of 3 primary and secondary schools (combined), and 1 high schools up to fifth form.

    Schools in Randaberg

    After-school programme

    All the primary schools have after-school programmes, for pupils from grade 1 to 4.

    An after-school programme should not be an extension of the school day. Time spent in after-school programmes is on children's own free time. Even if the programme in itself means organising the children's time, we do not want the arrangement to be fully organised by the adults. We want to give children room to play freely and to motivate themselves. The freedom in choice of activity and the option of taking quiet breaks will be emphasised.

    For further information about the after-school programme, please contact the school relevant to you (see over here).

    Trade, Industry and Work

    Trade and industry in Randaberg consists of companies and institutions with varied jobs.

    Randaberg has advanced companies with the latest in oil technology. These companies are at the forefront of the technology development and compete internationally. To increase competence and maintain this position there is a strong focus on supplementary training.

    Randaberg Municipality employs in total nearly 1 000 people.

    Are you looking for work in the Randaberg region?

    To and from Randaberg

    Randaberg is positioned at the North of Jæren. There are bus and sea transport to Bergen. The main airport, Stavanger/Sola, is just 15 minutes away.

    Distances from Randaberg
    To Approx. (distance in km)

    Stavanger: 10
    Bergen: 206
    Kristiansand S: 241
    Oslo: 561
    Trondheim: 880
    Nordkapp (North Cape): 2 492

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